Mahama Should Know Better 

Mahama Should Know Better 

In H.E attempt to convince Ghanaians for a second term in office, he seems to be too desperate in his attempt and leads him into saying things that you would think as a president he should be doing better.

Speaking at Jirapa in the upper west the president said “I feel sad when I see some of my northern brothers running around and also doing this [supporting NPP]. They will use you and dump you. This is a statement made in an attempt to make his opposing party NPP look bad in front of the Northerners.

This is clearly an act of tribal politics and I don’t know how come people see this otherwise, we have fallen so deep for their antics that some of us seem to forget that we can also reason, supporting a political party doesn’t make you a slave to that party, our president ego won’t let him apologize for the comment he made, but as a supporter you should not be defending this it’s a shame.

You hear people using the fact that some people from the opposing party did same to defend Mr. President, yes maybe they have even done worse which I am yet to hear though, but as the saying goes “two wrongs do not make a right”. These are acts that we as a nation preaching peace everyday should be condemning irrespective of our political affiliations.

This is a way of standing for peace and not adding your name to long texts and sharing on whatsapp and the rest, if we don’t rise and speak against these things how do we stand for peace as we proclaim.  


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