My Take On DBLack’s #thelist (Wanlov diss)

My Take On DBLack’s #thelist (Wanlov diss)

I thought he wasn’t the kind that had time for stuffs like these, he receives a lot of bashing for being wack. But he is still pushing through all the criticisms and making it big. Wanlov has been treating him like trash and I think it’s not the best, I believe he went too far with #thelist but to be honest these lines are deep and it really shows how fed up he is with all the bashing he receives from wanlov to the extent that he is being compared to Debbie, that’s gross disrespect.

I read somewhere he is using wanlov to promote his album how? Is not like he started this whole beef, I guess people were just expecting him to ignore so they can continue the bashing. Black really manned up this time and has surprised a lot of people.

You may not like his rap but he knows how to make music and I don’t know the criteria anyone will use to say Wanlov is popular than him maybe on Twitter yes but not in Ghana or Africa.

Am hoping wanlov replies, but for now DBlack 1 – 0 Wanlov 

#1Ghana agronkoaa


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