Adventure On Twitterland 

Adventure On Twitterland 

Episode 1

It all started in level 300, a year left to complete university and be a man, own my world back in the house mummy treated me like I was still 10years and in school was teased as a mama’s boy because I was a virgin and knew very little about girls.
This virgin issue was really getting too much for me I have been staying 2 in a room for the past 3 years with a guy who knew almost all about ladies and how he gets them was beyond my understanding, and I could hardly keep a convo going with a girl for 5mins. I blame my SHS for that though 😅.

At a lecture hall one friday I sat beside this lady from another faculty when we were having a combined philosophy class, i have been crushing on this girl for like a year and the saddest part is I haven’t even said hi to her before, didn’t really like the lecturer so I hardly payed attention, an hour into the lecture half the class were dozing off, it was so boring and uncomfortable sitting beside that damsel and not being able to start a conversation made it worse, to add to my injury my battery had died meaning no phone to save the day, later on she brought out her phone and started playing with it, She used an iPhone 6s and I was using an iPhone 5c that discouraged me and reduce the 5% vim left in me. I hissed to myself [these ladies and candy crush], I turned to have a better look and I realized she wasn’t playing game but chatting someone and it wasn’t on whatsapp or Facebook but Twitter. 

I easily recognized the interface because sometime ago in my desperate quest to find a girlfriend after failing so many times on Facebook I moved to Twitter but the story was pretty much the same I failed there too, since then the only time I logged on to Twitter was when I wanted to read latest gossip in Ghana and check FPL news.
Immediately I saw that, the inner me[get a girlfriend] formed an idea to try my luck on this beauty. I could have just introduced myself as Willie [lowkey tear rubber will explain this later] to her in the class and get her number but the shyness won’t let me.

After class that day [in my room]

Jerry has been my roommate from Lv.100 and he is my definition for playboy, he knew all the things I wish I knew about ladies but I was taller than him and he always teased me with “Tall boys rule minus you”.

Jerry[roommate]: Boy wossop, I saw you sitting at the back with that girl from geography, herrr you do all!

Me: stop before you people start getting any funny ideas, I was only sitting there because she came in late and my place was the only space available at the back and she didn’t want to go in front. [I lied]

Jerry: so did you ask her name, number??

Me: why will I do that, we went for a lecture not a fun fair if you want it you can ask her when you see her, I don’t need it.

Jerry: I was only asking because I thought you might need it but you and I know you can’t ask her; he laughed.

Me: I don’t need it but because of you I will get it to shame you. [deep down I wanted the number more than I wanted A in that philosophy class]

Jerry: lol, I need to get witnesses for this if you get it before exams period am cleaning the room for two weeks and vice versa deal? [
That is how bad Jerry thought I was with women, we had just reopened school and we had almost 4months before vacation].

Me: deal.[getting up to leave]

Jerry: I doubt that any of the guys here is having her contact so don’t waste your time asking.. Christine don’t disappoint me he laughed 

Me: thanks, now get your washing materials ready you will be washing sooner than you expect, I faked a laugh and went out.
I knew I was in for trouble cos I didn’t think even with the whole 18months left before we complete school I will be able to get her number

The quest to get Christine number has began…..

To be Continued.. Stay in touch

Merry Christmas 


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