2016 Review As We Crossover To 2017

2016 Review As We Crossover To 2017

As we finally bring the yer 2016 to an end I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the year and how prepared we are for the year 2017. 

2016 will go down as one of the years we will like to forget, a lot of great people have been lost both on the local and international scene. May their souls rest in peace.

The most discussed topic during the year 2016 was based on politics, since it was an election year. Most people believed the economy was getting worse and therefore we needed change and people could not wait for December 7, on the other hand others thought we were doing fine[onaapo, comfortable lead😀], other group too were concerned with how the election could end with all that was happening around us but God being so good and loving we voted peacefully. [All praise belongs to you our father in heaven]. 

After the election, looking at the numbers, I can bodly say a lot of Ghanaians are happy and this brings one question into mind, is 2017 going to be any different? Most people are expecting things to turn around for them. Maybe things will turn but if you still lazying around like you did in 2016 you’ll be complaining next year by this time. The government is going to do her part but the greater part of changing your life depends on you and what you do.

We always write down new year resolutions and funny enough the eagerness some of us have to write new goals we even forget to analyse the goals we set last year, as we enter into 2017 brethren, you shouldn’t just set new goals but take time and draw plans into achieving it and instead of reviewing it at the end of the year do it quarterly to know whether you still on the right path or not.

2016 was a year I spent most time on social media especially on Facebook and Twitter, like its preached daily it has the good and bad side therefore it can affect you positively or negatively based on your choice. Ablot of things touched my heart but these four have been on my mind for a while now;

-Where I grew up sex wasn’t a word you hear most often, on these social media platforms I got to realize we have people who were not bothered and saw it very normal. I don’t know where you belong to but if you are Christian you should be aware of the consequences of having sex before marriage or outside marriage, you might have heard this a million times but I decided to talk about this because in our generation people will tag you with a whole bunch of names and even make you feel bad and ashamed for not doing the things they are doing but wherever you are do not lose faith, a crown awaits you.

-I remember asking my dad when I was a young boy if we had atheists in Ghana, I wasn’t so much convinced with his answer and I still had doubts but this year have really encountered a lot and this has changed my whole perception about them. How they are gaining roots here is really something as Christians we need to worry about, be vigilant so you are not deceived. If you are one of them it’s not too late to turn to God, he is always ready to accept.

 – How people are really using social media positively, a lot of people are touching lives with their daily powerful messages and one person who kept me going @brotherokai formerly known as Yaw Siki, his tweets increased my faith and gave me hope. Others are creating jobs whiles others are advertising their products and services which I believe is increasing their revenues. You can also join and make good use of it as we enter 2017.

-This whole Malafaka saga I had plans on writing something about it but after reading Ms. Lydia Forson’s article I believe she said it all, if you’ve not read it you should do so and if we are to go by that, 2017 we will see change and the topics we want to trend will trend.

One thing always on my mind as we enter a new year is it means the second coming of our great Lord is nearer, how is your relationship with him, as we enter into 2017 lets get more closer to the maker and know that as the year passes by it goes with the things of the world. 

Lastly, as we crossover to 2017, May we defend God like we defend our football teams and favorite musicians.

Thanks for reading 

Happy New Year.

God Bless You



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