My Take on Sarkodie’s initiative and the free EXPOSURE saga on Social Media

My Take on Sarkodie’s initiative and the free EXPOSURE saga on Social Media

First of all, I will like to say a big thank you to Sarkodie and his team for thinking of such initiative, I believe a lot of people are going to benefit and it’s going to be the beginning of some great people in the industry.

Sarkodie’s Advertisement

This whole initiative I understand is making the news because the people that will be given the chance to showcase their talent would not receive any pay but will get the exposure which we all know because Sarkodie is one of the biggest and hottest musicians in Africa right now, featuring in his video will be a huge step and I, for one won’t let this opportunity slide if I had any talent😜. 

Sarkodie in some of his songs complained about having to perform for free which am sure he didn’t like and he isn’t the only celebrity to make such complains, am sure these complains will stop if those that suffered from it like Sarkodie, DKB etc. don’t treat these upcoming acts the way they were treated and there is no one better to start a change than Sarkodie.

I believe Sark said it wasn’t a paying gig so that people won’t come to him with their prices but at the end of the day he may give them something. If you are out there and you reading this and you think you have what it takes to be in that video do whatever you can to get in,even if you don’t receive any cash payment (which I doubt), with that video EXPOSURE plus HARDWORK and GOD your chances of making it will never be the same.

NB:  Don’t fall for the Twitter standards, don’t miss this opportunity and to all those that makes it into that video when you make it to the top don’t forget this day, pay people for their services let’s end this exploitation.

Thanks for reading 😄
Your comments will be very much appreciated both appreciation and criticism.


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