The arsenal manager has been under immense pressure from fans lately  to resign at the end of the season which will bring his 20 years stay at the club to an end but it seems the manager is not taking any of that as its being reported that He has  signed a two-year extension at the club that will see him at the club until 2019.

I believe the man has lost his mojo and he isn’t the same manager who led his team to the league title in an amazing unbeaten style or the manager that fought for top 4 with less quality set of squad some years ago.

His arsenal side hasn’t won the title in 13years and has been consistently knocked out of UCL at the 1/16 stage last few years with their recent loss coming against Bayern Munich in a 10-2 aggregate scoreline.

He may have planned to leave the club in a grand style maybe leave after a title winning season just like how Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester united, but with how things are spanning out lately it will not happen anytime soon. Things are only going to get worse for the first time it seems he has lost the dressing room.

Arsene Wenger has done a lot of amazing things for this club and the fans but in the last few months it seems all these good things are being replaced with hate. I believe if he really loves this club like he claims in his pressers it will be best he resigns at the end of this season to save  the few good memories fans have of him unless he has something good prepared for us next season which I believe is highly unlikely.

Thanks Arsene but its time to LEAVE 


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