Social Media “FAME”

Social Media “FAME”

The sudden growth of people doing everything they can especially through social media to get what they consider as “fame” is alarming and it seems not to be going away anytime soon.

Last year a video of this girl who was broken hearted that her boyfriend had left her went viral and through that she thought she was being awarded but the truth is she was just being mocked. The sad thing is it’s our dear sisters that are mostly involved in these acts.

Sometimes I think about it and i just don’t get it, is it because we are not loved in our homes thats why we desperately crave for attention from people we don’t know? Do we think this is the new cool? guess what its not, you may be feeling all bossy because boys are in your messenger all day they just want to sleep with you and move on none of them wants to even have you as a girlfriend not to talk of taking you home. 

I woke up to the news of a girl who went naked live on Facebook just because someone dared her really?? What are you thinking sister?  There is a whole world out there Facebook twitter WhatsApp Snapchat these are just apps with a click it can be gone don’t let it ruin your life.

Going through the comments i saw people actually cheered her on, you may take that as encouragement but ask yourself those boys will they allow their sisters do what you doing?

They call you bosschick so you feeling on top according to the dictionary these are class of ladies that are independent and respected wherever they go. do people respect you? Are you that independent or you just wait for a guy to come along so you can lay all your burden on him.

And on this nude pictures cases lately sisters be wise being in love is not equal to being stupid if he asks for nudes tell him NO if he wants to leave you because of that then he isn’t good enough for you.

Ask yourself will your future kids be proud of your actions today?

Be Wise


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